REFILL SERVICE - Golden Face Saver

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Please note this is a refill service.  Orders including this product won't be shipped until we receive your empty bottles.

Send us 6 of your used Golden Face Saver bottles and we will refill them for you.

All of our products are designed in an environmentally conscious way.  Our golden face savers are recyclable but we decided to go the extra step with them and offer a refill service ensuring none of it is single-use..  After purchasing a refill pack follow these steps:

1. Print your order confirmation

2. Post your 6 empty bottles to (Be sure to keep any tracking details.  You can even email them to us for peace of mind)

                                          Pure Delight Hemp

                                          PO Box 441, Cottesloe

                                          WA, 6011

3. We will receive your bottles, refill them and post them back with any other item in your order.

Please read the following terms:   Only available at 6 bottles at a time for now.  Please pack your bottles in a way they will survive the trip and keep your tracking number, we are not responsible for damage in the post.  If your bottles are lost in the mail on the way to us we will refund you the cost of this product (not your postage).  If they are lost after we fill them we will replace the bottles (like we do any order).  If your bottles arrive too damaged from the post we will replace them with new stock.  

If have any questions we are always available at or 0438 444 780.