Why Pre-Sale?

In early 2023 we decided to shift our focus. After 20 years in the Australian hemp industry, playing an integral part in its inception, we remain a family-owned and operated business. Initially started by Susanna Wilkerson, the baton was passed to her daughter (myself), Tatiana, and my husband in 2017.

I've grown up with and worked in Pure Delight Hemp, making products and packing orders since my earliest memories and it's time for new adventures.

However, with thousands of loyal customers whom we we hold dear, we've decided that while we will close the business to daily sales, we will continue to open the doors a few times a year for pre-sale limited run offers.

Why Is My Favourite Product Not Available?

We will be cycling through which products we make each time we run this event. Our aim is to cover all of our body products at least twice a year, but we can't guarantee that we will. If there is something you desperately want, please send us an email, and we will endeavour to include it in the next event.

So, if you do see a product for sale that you can't live without, it may be worth purchasing a few extra!

Overseas Customers

For simplicity, we have set the automatic shipping for Australian customers only. If you would like delivery outside of Australia, please contact us and we will process your order.

Pure Delight Hemp Body Products

At Pure Delight Hemp we only sell Hemp GROWN AND PROCESSED in Australia.  We are an Australian owned company and have been in the Australian hemp industry for over 20 years with our hand-made Skin Care Range. 

We have a strong environmentally conscious foundation ensuring products are packaged either in biodegradable, recyclable or reusable packaging and shipped in the same manner.

Best of all, we trust what we sell. Each product is designed and tested by us to be effective. Check out our information section in the menu below to find out how.