About Us

Pure Delight Hemp was founded by Susanna Wilkerson over 15 years ago.  Susanna was one of the first in Australia to start the push for the utilisation of Hemp and in particular Hemp Seed as a food product.  On her farm in Ravenshoe, North Queensland she grew hemp for seed and for building materials.  Now in the safe hands of her daughter Tatiana and myself, her husband, Pure Delight Hemp it still a prominent figure within the hemp industry in Australia.

Our focus is integrity.  We are committed to bringing quality Australian products at a competitive price.  This is easy to say but it means a lot of work, to ensure we meet these very simple sounding targets it means:

  • Ensuring our packaging is environmentally conscious
  • Hand making our body products ourselves to ensure their quality
  • Only selling products we believe in and use ourselves
  • Occasionally running out of product between crops because we refuse to stock an inferior or imported product

In a world of profit driven companies we feel we are part of a community of responsible and aware consumers/businesses who care more for integrity than bottom line.

If you want to speak with our Sales Staff please email us at info@puredelighthemp.com or phone 0438 444 780.


Pure Delight Hemp
Ph: 0438 444 780