Sustainability Statement

We are committed to trying to reduce our impact on the environment.  We are conscious of the amount of waste and non re-usable items many companies choose to use for packaging because it's cheaper and looks shiny on their website or on shelves.  At Pure Delight Hemp, we are the manufacturer and supplier of many of our own products allowing us the freedom to choose our packaging responsibly.  This makes our packaging cost us up to 400% more than their cheaper counterparts but we absorb those costs to bring you a product we are proud of.

Pre-Sale Events

Our pre-sale events are designed with sustainability at their core. By adopting a pre-sale model, we aim to minimize waste by producing only what is ordered. This approach aligns with our commitment to the environment and allows us to manage resources more efficiently.

It's a conscious decision to ensure that production aligns perfectly with demand, preventing overproduction and the potential waste of unsold products. We believe in the responsible use of resources, and the pre-sale model is a significant step towards that end. It also means every product you receive is at its absolute freshest, handcrafted specifically for you without sitting on shelves or in warehouses.

By focusing on limited runs and made-to-order batches, we not only keep our promise to deliver premium, eco-conscious body care products but also uphold our values by directly reducing the carbon footprint associated with mass production and storage. This bespoke method of crafting our products allows us to continue using high-quality, sustainable packaging without the need for excess.

In essence, our pre-sale events are more than just an opportunity to secure your favourite products; they're a testament to our dedication to sustainability and mindful commerce. We're all in this together – one batch at a time.


Order Packaging

Our orders go out in boxes (recycled where possible), with shredded recycled paper to keep your products safe.  When orders are placed in satchels, these can be returned to Australia Post for recycling.  Large orders are packed with packing peanuts that are a potato starch and will break down quickly back to organic components.  In place of bubble wrap for glass and fragile items, we utilise RanPack packaging, a recycled paper based cushioning. 

We also keep all the packaging we receive from our suppliers and try give it another life.

Shampoo and Conditioner

These products took a little time to find a suitable package for.  We use a 100% recycled rPET bottle produced here in Australia in a carbon neutral factory.  

Body Butter, Hands on Hemp Hand Cream, Lip Balm and Moisturising Hemp Face Scrub

These are packaged in recyclable aluminium canisters.  We have chosen aluminium as our base material as:

  • aluminium is infinitely recyclable
  • it takes 95% less energy to recycle than to produce from raw material (this makes it very likely your aluminium is actually reused)
  • up to 75% of all aluminium produced in history is still in use today
  • it takes less energy to recycle aluminium than it does glass
  • being lightweight, its shipping carbon footprint is a lot lighter than glass and other materials 

The Golden Face Savers AND Sunflower Sun Protection Cream have refill services available also. Check it out HERE.  Basically send back 6 bottles and we will fill them for only $80.  This offers a saving even though it costs us a little more to fill them between batches.  We have been very pleased with the uptake of this offer.

Our Business

We are making every effort to reduce our impact.  We do very small batches of stock reducing waste and large wholesale orders are made-to-order resulting in minimal to no waste stock.  

We're open to ideas and feedback so feel free to send us an email if you feel there's something more we can do.