Skin Care Essentials Pack

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Looking to try our hemp skin care range but aren't sure where to start or looking for an amazing gift for under $70?  Look no further, our skin care essentials pack contains everything you need to get started with hemp skin care!

This pack contains:
1 - Hemp Body Butter
1 - Hemp Lip Balm
1 - Cleansing Bar
1 - Golden Face Saver
1 - Sunflower Sun Protection Cream

Hemp Body Butter

Our Hemp Body Butter is hand made by us in small batches so that you are always buying fresh product.  Its made with only natural ingredients and tested by us in the harshest conditions.  It's especially great in cold, dry weather.

Made with natural butters, oils and purified water.  Simple and effective.

A lot of our customers with VERY sensitive skin use and trust our Unscented Body Butter with great results.

This luscious all-over hemp seed oil body butter has the highest content of hemp seed oil of any body butter on the market. (3 fragrance options).  Our Hemp Body Butter is made from a blend of hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax and bee's wax with coconut/vanilla scent. (Also comes in unscented).  Highly moisturising cream for dry skin. Your skin will glow and appreciate goodness of hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients.

Hemp Body Butter helps repair skin and offers great protection for your skin in the winter seasons or as an after sun moisturiser. Also great for those dry skin on hands and feet.  This product comes in a 200mL tub.

Hemp Lip Balm

Hemp oil helps regenerate and energise our skin and a part of us that often gets neglected is our lips.  Enter our Lip Balm.

Like many of our products we have kept the formula simple and effective.  Delivering as much hemp oil as possible in a stable format, packaged responsibly and easy to take with you.

With up to 80% Hemp Seed Oil, our Lip Balms are a refreshing treat for your lips.  Its long lasting and best of all comes in 3 flavours: Mint, Vanilla and Unscented.

Keep lips moist and soft while being totally edible. Our lip balm is delicately flavored with natural oils. With all the great moisturizing qualities of pure hemp oil and natural bees wax.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Honey. (Vanlia oil in vanila flavour and Spear Mint oil in Mint flavour)

Cleansing Bar

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

These bars are hand made using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients available.  Each bar is hand poured, hand cut and hand packed.  Every bar is quality checked at production and before posting to you.  We also ensure we use a few bars from each batch ourselves, we simply love them and the quality products we produce.

There is no secret, we simply include more hemp oil than any car on the market.  This combined with our meticulous methods, create a product second to none.  

Our cleansing bar is packed with Hemp Seed Oil which is gentle on sensitive skin and nourishing for skin cells.  This along with Green Clay that helps balance oil levels, Nettles that have been used traditionally for centuries against eczema to acne and everything in between help make our cleansing bar so special.

With a nourishing blend of high quality oils to cleanse, nourish and moisturise your skin.   Gentle enough for a baby but effective on tough grease and ink.

 •   All vegetable formula
 •   Gentle Lemon myrtle and spearmint essential oils
 •   Clean, refresh and moisturise your skin
 •   P-H balanced

Vegan friendly and palm oil free

Golden Face Saver

Golden face saver is our top seller.   Our favourite skin care formula is loaded with skin cell pumping essential fatty acids & anti-oxidants helps defend and repair against sun damage.  It is an essential for smooth skin.

This is our most complex product and a favourite with our customers.  Its a perfect nourishing night cream as well as a great morning/day cream making an ideal base for makeup.

Super moisturising properties for wrinkle prevention and essential oils of Lavender and Mandarin to brighten your day.
Contents includes: Co-enzyme Q-10, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Hemp Oil in a non-greasy formula that is paraben free.

Vegan friendly formula.

Sunflower Sun Protection Cream

This premium sun cream incorporates the sun protection properties of micronized invisible zinc and the soothing elements of aloe-vera in a similar antioxidant formula to our Golden Face Saver.  

Gentle Sun protection for sensitive skin. This product is also Paraban Free.
•  Loaded with fatty acids & anti-oxidants essential for smooth skin
•  Super moisturising properties for wrinkle prevention
•  Contains Aloe Vera, Organic Hemp Oil and Micronized Invisible Zinc