Caramel Easter Eggs

Posted by Tatiana Crichton on


This recipe is such a fun activity to do with the kids and is a great little treat for any occasion - not just Easter. The dates offer a delicious natural sweetness while the hemp seeds add a lovely creamy texture. I made mine with vegan 'milk' chocolate but it would also be good with a dark chocolate that isn't too sweet as the dates provide so much sweetness already. 

I found a silicone Easter egg mould from Kmart, but you could use any shape you like. When blending the ingredients, it was easier to do with a stick blender rather than a NutriBullet as the quantity was a bit small. There was a bit of the paste left over which I put in the fridge to use another time - it would also make a delicious spread or sauce. 



4-6 fresh medjool dates, pitted 

1/4 cup Pure Delight Hemp Seeds

1 tablespoon of water 

150g melted chocolate 



To make the caramel, blend your dates, hemp seeds and water until it forms a paste. pour enough chocolate to coat the moulds and set in the fridge. Once set, spoon the paste into the moulds making sure not to over fill them. Then smooth them down with the back of your spoon. Cover the paste with melted chocolate and smooth out before putting them back in the fridge to set. They should only take 10-20 minutes to fully set and once they have just pop them out of the mould and into your mouth - yum!