Activated Charcoal 200g

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It's not often we sell a product that doesn't include hemp in some way, but when we do it's worth it.

We've used the highest quality, organic food-grade, coconut husk derived, activated charcoal we could source and packed it into a biodegradable ziplock bag to keep it together and packed that into our BioBagsNo plastic is used in these.

Once considered a universal antidote, activated charcoal is negatively charged, drawing toxins and trapping them in its porous structure.  


- Though we make this with organic, food-grade activated charcoal and then package it into food-grade packaging, this is labelled as not food grade.  There is too much risk in such a product with it absorbing peoples medication so we have decided to label this external use only :).

-Tooth whitening: Activated charcoal clings to and absorbs tooth staining compounds and plaque, leaving your teeth cleaner and whiter.

-Skin treatment: Can be used as a mask, wash or rinse for your skin.  Removes toxins and is slightly abrasive removing dead skin too.  Best combined with our Moisturising Face Scrub.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from (in this case) organic coconut shells.

It is then "activated" in a high temperature steaming process.  This changes the particles, giving them a large surface area, shrinking its pours and negatively charging the molecule.

How does it work?

With a strong negative charge, activated charcoal picks up toxins and chemicals trapping them.  The charcoal itself can't be absorbed and is easily removed along with its payload.