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Article - Hemp The World's Miracle Crop


What  would  you  say  if  I  told  you  there  is  one  plant  that  can  serve most  of  the  basic  needs  of  mankind—food,  shelter,  clothing, fuel—but few people in the 21st century are "legally permitted" to grow it?  "Is this a conspiracy?" might be your response.  

Does the name "marijuana" ring a bell?  It has been used demonise the most useful  species  of  the  plant  kingdom:  the humble Cannabis Sativa,  also commonly called "hemp".  The conditioning is so complete that even the sight of  a  picture  of  the  leaf  creates  an  enormous  impact  on  the  average  person's psyche.  Generally, the most immediate reaction to an image of the hemp leaf is "drugs". 

The connotation is negative.  In order for hemp to make a resurgence into  the  modern  world,  a  new  paradigm  needs  to  infiltrate  into  the  minds  of ordinary men, women and children.In  Australia  in  2002,  the  Queensland  state  government  legalised  hemp growing  under  licence.    Since  that  time,  I  have  been  growing  hemp  and manufacturing  products  from  the  fibre  and  seed  oil.    Even  though  I've  been challenged with enormous difficulties and seemingly insurmountable ignorance, I've found that the importance of establishing hemp as a crop far outweighs the opposition.In  the  last  year,  I've  attended  several  shows  and  functions  addressing  the general public.  Interestingly, many young people are actually afraid even to try hemp oil on their skin. 

They ask questions like:  "Will I get stoned?'  If I smoke this  T-shirt,  will  I  get  high?"    They  only  recognise  the  hemp  leaf  as  an  illicit substance,  not  as  the  leaf  of  a  plant  which  has  useful,  practical  end  uses.    The most  common  response  from  people  who  suddenly  realise  the  full  import  of  hemp as a commercial crop is:  "Why isn't everyone growing it?"

How could something so good become so bad?  The purpose of this article is not to cover the political position and history of hemp in the last century:  there has already been enough coverage of this in the last few decades from cannabis activists.   

Now  that  we  are  getting  over  that  hurdle  of  being  able  to  grow  the crop again, let's focus on the next generation of the most positive outcomes and scenarios for realising hemp as a common household term.  Being a plant that's part of the natural world, hemp has been used by humans for millennia.  Despite efforts to wipe it out, it's a tough survivor.  Let's hope it's back to stay!




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