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What is Hemp Protein?

Why Hemp Protein?

Hemp Protein Powder is a plant based protein powder that's free from lactose, gluten and oestrogen mimickers while being rich with nutrition and great tasting.  It can be added to smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt, sprinkled over almost any food and even used in baking.


Advantages over other Protein Powders

We stress how natural, unprocessed and plant based hemp protein is and you should too.  It’s not a by-product and its not the result of a chemical extraction.  Its food.  It comes with none of the digestive (gas and bloating) problems attributed to whey protein and doesn’t require chemical extraction like soy protein.  


The benefit of using Hemp Protein is you are using a whole food, not just an isolate.  The plant based powder contains EFA’s, minerals and natural carbohydrates.  No more questioning what is in your protein powder.


This is perfect for vegans and vegetarians who sometimes struggle to get enough protein and iron in their diets.  Our protein powder is high in iron, albumin protein and edistin protein.


Complete Proteins  (this is a very complex topic, please excuse how briefly it is explained)

A major hurdle plant based proteins fail to meet is being complex enough to be considered complete. Complete proteins are those that contain all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities. Meat, eggs, fish, poultry and dairy products are all sources of complete proteins. Incomplete proteins are those that do not have one or more of the essential amino acids. Beans, nuts, peas and grains are examples of incomplete proteins. Hemp, because it has all of the essential amino acids, is classified as a complete protein.


Most commonly available plant based protein powders are so isolated from their original form, they might as well be sinthetic and whey protein supply is controversially "watered down" by some suppliers.  Hemp protein is a natural, raw, high protein food that is a perfect workout suppliment.  


Albumin Protein

Albumin protein is another high quality globulin protein and is similar to that found in egg whites. Albumin is highly digestible and is a major source of free radical scavengers. Albumin is the current industry standard for protein evaluation. Albumin protein also assists in maintaining the strength of tissues that hold the body together.


Edistin Protein

Globular proteins found in edestin are long peptide-chains, precursors for biological proteins essential for life. Edestin is similar to serum globulin (blood plasma), and the biologically active protein of edestin is metabolized in the human body and capable of biosynthesizing hormones, haemoglobin, enzymes and antibodies.


The Process

Hemp Protein Powder is made by cold pressing the hemp seed.  The oil is removed and hard flakes are left.  These are then slowly stone ground to make our Hemp Flour.  This is then ground slightly finer, air sifted and mechanically sifted removing large amounts of the hull (fibre) from the hemp seeds.  This process leaves us with a super nutritious powder that is high in protein.

Hemp Seed Oil, Protein, Hulled Seeds and Body Products

Our Hemp Products are derived from Australian Grown Hemp Seeds.  Our oil is cold pressed and then turned into a variety of Skin Care Products with the remainder utilised as protein and flour.  Our hand made body products have the highest hemp seed Oil content in any hemp oil body and skincare products on the market. 

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