Whole Hemp Seeds

Our Roasted Whole Hemp Seeds and Cacao Nibs contain 100% Australian grown hemp seeds and organic Peruvian cacao nibs.  

The best way to consume hemp is in its most whole form.  Hulled Hemp Seeds taste great, are easy to eat and are full of protein, EFA's and raw plant goodness making them one of our best sellers.  The only down side of the hulled hemp seeds is you miss out on the nutrient rich hulls that are full of vitamins and fibre.  Consider the difference between white bread and wholegrain.  Our whole roasted hemp seeds and cacao nibs are the wholegrain in this analogy.

We have teamed this up with the already well known benefits of Cacao Nibs and have created a rich, nutrient filled treat that is a perfect topper for your breakfast.  We enjoy sprinkling them over yogurt or adding them to our muesli.  Sometimes we soak them milk or yogurt overnight and to make them soft and chewy for something different though they're great left crunchy straight out of the bag.

We have essentially mixed two superfoods in their fullest and most delicious form for your enjoyment.

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