The Hemp Solution DVD

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THE HEMP SOLUTION – for Healthy People on a Healthy Planet explores the hemp plant [Cannabis Sativa’s] fascinating history, its thousands of uses, the economic & cultural forces behind its prohibition, and its ability to solve major health and environmental problems.

This is the 2nd update of the highly acclaimed documentary THE HEMP REVOLUTION – first released theatrically in 1995 to 100 cities worldwide. The updated medical section reveals the latest research in THC’s and CBD’s remarkable ability to kill cancer cells, heal many illnesses, and the newly found role of cannabinoids in balancing every bodily function. This miracle plant also provides sustainable paper, organic textiles, composite materials and building products, fuel, nutritious food and skincare.

This award-winning Australian film also examines the history and controversy around the drug marijuana, the current war on drugs and the alternative policy options taking root around the world. The tide is turning… cannabis hemp is returning!

With exciting footage shot through Europe, the US, Australia and Nepal, the documentary also features the world’s top experts on hemp & cannabis-related issues including Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Lester Grinspoon, Dr Andrew Katelaris, Dr Bob Melamede, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, Terence McKenna, Ric Simpson and more…

Produced and Directed by Sol Ramana Clarke (formerly Anthony Clarke) 
Co-Produced by David Arvind Condon & Rohan Fisher